I’ve Moved!!

written by GaryJordon you can follow me on twitter.

I’m writing my last post on the wordpress.com blog this morning. To my readers who it appears are slowly becoming a more regular and upwards trend. I just simply can’t expand what I can give to you. So I have moved to my own self hosted website. The blogs have already been transferred to the new site. so you still can read posts you find helpful.

Along with the blog which I will still be making new post on my normal schedule. I have a product page which over time will have a number of (what I hope will be) useful e-books that I’m affiliating. I will also at a later date have an e-book of my own on this page as will. That will be able to affiliate on your own blogs. The last item set of products that I currently have plans on including are recording of my cedar flute music for sale and affiliates to sell. These will be some christian(mostly catholic tunes) and some of my favorite John Denver tunes that I actually performed as a street musician while at Santa Cruz CA on the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf.

So without further delay you can now find my at. wwwttheworldneedmeto.com.

Hope to see you there.

Peace and true Freedom

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